IC Global is an integrated suite of platforms developed to catalyse innovation by facilitating: capability discoveryproblem solving and data visualisation


  • Role: IC Global Lead
  • Platform Launched: 2017
  • Industry: Research & Innovation


At CSIRO, Zoe led the development of the IC Global Platform, which currently included three key elements:

  • Expert Connect: a publicly searchable database of Australia’s research expertise with more than 70,000 expert profiles from over 220 research organisations. Designed to boost industry-researcher collaboration, researcher profiles are automatically created by drawing on authoritative sources (including journal articles, patents and grants).
  • Innovation Challenges marketplace: users put forward details of the problem they are looking to solve, with relevant experts automatically identified and encouraged to put forward an innovative solution.
  • InnovationMap: an interactive, geographic visualisation of innovation related data. The map allows users to overlay multiple datasets to build up a rich picture of a particular region and observe how it evolves over time.
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