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As an advisor, investor and director, Zoe maintains an active portfolio of ventures & engagements.

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Working with Zoe

Zoe draws on her previous private equity experience to identify investment, directorship and advisory opportunities where she can add value.

I look for products and services that represent the best way things can be done, that is they create the biggest net benefit. I like products that are about making business and life easier, more productive/efficient, and more enjoyable. I especially like creative ways for minimising resource usage and waste (circular economy concepts). 

I’m not too interested in what is hot right now, but rather what is going to make the biggest improvement to wellbeing over the long term. I’m less concerned with the sector than with the size of the potential market and possible impact. Most importantly, I like to find professionals that are driven to make a difference and committed to overcoming any obstacles that arise.

If you have an opportunity that you would like to discuss with Zoe, please get in touch.