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Zoe is an experienced media commentator and guest blogger on a wide range of topics across business, leadership, innovation and adaptability. If you have a media opportunity that you would like to discuss with Zoe, please get in touch. Previous coverage of Zoe and her ventures includes:

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2 months ago

Zoe Piper

Recently I had the opportunity to share with Cosmos Magazine the work my team at CSIRO's are doing to help make highly qualified women easily discoverable for a range of professional opportunities (so no one can use the old excuse that a suitable woman couldn't be found!). Our FindHer filter on Expert Connect ( automatically profiles over 5000 women from all fields of research (so there's no burden on women to create or maintain this info). We certainly aren't alone in this space, with 500 Women Scientists and Women in STEMM Australia also doing vital work to champion women. Next time you're looking for expertise (whether it be for a speaking engagement, board appointment, media commentary, collaborator etc) the FindHer filter can help you find and connect with top talent that may not otherwise have been on your radar.
As always, we are very open to ideas and suggestions about how to enhance the work we’re doing. We encourage any potential collaborators to get in touch, including those with:
- An interest in displaying researcher profiles on their own website
- Data to contribute or suggestions on additional functionality
- An interest in becoming an IC Global Ambassador to help get the word out

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11 months ago

Zoe Piper

As a non-drinker who is constantly being asked why I don’t have a drink in my hand at social functions, I was really excited to come across Altina Drinks. I’ve never really understood the appeal of alcohol. It doesn’t taste good the first time you try it, and I could never see point in trying to develop a palate for it. Though I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had someone try and convince me it’s just because I’ve been trying the wrong wine! (it all tastes terrible to me, I can almost sort of tell the difference between red & white, but apart from that, it’s all the same level of bad).

I know all too well how annoying the constant pressure to drink is. However last week I had the chance to attend a Zero Proof Masterclass run by Altina and got to try their amazing cocktail creations (alcohol free of course!). More than just a great tasting drink, Altina are also on a mission to shake up the Aussie drinking culture through their pop-up bars and masterclasses. They believe that no one should feel out of place for choosing not to drink alcohol.

It’s really inspiring to see a local Canberra start-up doing great work that will create positive health and social impacts in Australia and beyond #altinadrinks #zeroproof #alcoholfree #popupbar #socialimpact #socialentrepreneur #wearecbr #febfast @ Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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