Boosting Cashflow During COVID-19


The impact of the COVID lockdowns aren’t being evenly felt across the economy. While many organisations are struggling with cashflow, others are experiencing a spike in demand. As organisations seek to adjust, the old rules are out the window, making it the ideal time to propose (or consider) ideas out of left field.

NFPs and event focused businesses are amongst the hardest hit, however they are also some of the most likely to have built up a large database of supporters or customers. When it simply isn’t feasible to rely on strong donations or sell your usual goods, affiliate programs offer the opportunity to be financially rewarded for helping to sell the products and services of other businesses.

Signing up to an affiliate program is usually quick, easy, and free. Once the affiliate application is approved, a unique link is generated that can be shared via email, social media, website etc. If someone clicks on that unique link and makes a purchase, the affiliate it belongs to receives a percentage of that sale in cash.

Of course, key to making this strategy work is finding relevant businesses who are:

  •     Still actively trading
  •     Selling products and services people want in this COVID climate
  •     An ethical business that you’re happy to associate with your brand
  •     Offering affiliate commission for sending sales their way

There’s no shortage of affiliate programs to choose from on the major platforms like Commission Factory, but here’s a few that meet all the points above that are worth considering:

  1. Altina Drinks are on a mission to shake up the Aussie drinking culture. They have created innovative Zero Proof Craft Cocktails that pack a punch without the alcohol (or sugar!). Despite the restrictions on getting together in person, amazing drinks taste just as good at home. Altina are also making an impact by partnering with organisations working in the alcohol harm reduction space. With mental health issues and domestic violence rates escalating during social isolation, there’s never been a better time to get behind healthier drinking options. Altina pay 10% commission via their Affiliate Program.
  2. Booktopia are Australia’s local bookstore. With the extra time at home, many are taking the opportunity to stock up on reading material. There’s no shortage of places to buy books online, but Booktopia are a multi-award-winning business that are 100% Australian owned and operated, employing 150 Australians. They also donate to important Australian charities and literacy programs. Booktopia pay up to 7.5% commission via their Affiliate Program.
  3. Ecolour manufactures premium quality paint that’s 100% non-toxic (zero-VOC), cost competitive with the major brands, and available in just about any colour from any colour chart. It’s a business I cofounded 10 years ago, we manufacture in Byron Bay, operate trade stores in Canberra and Melbourne, and deliver to customers Australia-wide. Social isolation is making people more aware of the walls around them than ever before, with home renovations now high on the agenda (as evidenced by the never-ending queues at Bunnings). As a zero-VOC paint, Ecolour is safe to use around the whole family. At Ecolour we pay 10% commission on paint sales (5% on other products) via our Affiliate Program.

For NFPs, in challenging economic times it can be easier to give people the option to show their support through purchasing particular goods and services rather than exclusively seeking cash donations. Whilst it is of course important to carefully consider any communication that goes out to stakeholders, now is a time when people are more likely to be receptive to non-traditional calls for support.

It would be great to hear if there are other ethical businesses with affiliate programs that are worth considering at this time.