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Enabling Industry-Research Collaboration

Many Australian businesses have reported difficulties in connecting with the research sector. To help address this IP Australia have developed Source IP, a central source of information on public sector research expertise and licencing preferences for intellectual property: Launched on the 23rd of November 2015 by Assistant Minister Wyatt Roy, Source IP features a…

Building Career Adaptability

Last week I attended a conference run by the Centre for Workplace Leadership¬†exploring the Many Futures of Work. One session focused on the value of good jobs and the importance of ensuring these are created into the future. Whilst the researcher noted there isn’t universal agreement on what a “good job” is (as different people…

Not All Paints Are Created Equal

Last month I had the chance to speak at the Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York about the impact that paint is having on the air we breathe and how ecolour is addressing this challenge. Awareness is slowly growing about the impact that the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in regular paints are having. It…