My Work

I work on a broad portfolio of engagements across industry, research and government.


I’m driven to make a positive impact in three key areas:

  • Environment – The number one thing humanity needs to thrive is a habitable planet. If we don’t get this right, nothing else much matters!
  • Equality – Without equality, the skills and aspirations of half the planet are wasted. The more equal a society, the greater the quality of life.
  • Education – Education is fundamental to empowering individuals and improving wellbeing. Learning and unlearning are vital skills across the life course.


Typically my work involves one or more of the following:

  1. Social Entrepreneurship – I’m a firm believer that business can be a force for good. It’s no longer enough to just make money and discount the impact created by the business. I’ve built my own businesses, mentor/consulted to other businesses, and served on boards of organisations focused on empowering entrepreneurs
  2. Future of Work – gone are the days of a job for life, or even working in the one industry for life. The talent exclusivity model is also giving way to a more dynamic and diverse set of options for how work is designed and delivered
  3. Sector Linkage – the boundaries between industry, research and government are increasingly blurry, with significant good that can come from greater collaboration and movement of people across the sectors. I’ve positioned my career at the intersection of these three sectors.
  4. Policy & Governance – to create meaningful, lasting change, systems need to be pulled apart and re-built. I work on doing things better at all levels – government policy, individual/organisational incentive structures, governance models etc


The tools and methods I use in my work include the following:

  1. Networks – I have built strong, diverse networks that I regularly tap into to facilitate connections, set up collaborations and engage stakeholders
  2. Communication – I often operate as the interface between different groups and enjoy writing & presenting
  3. Research & Analysis – with links into many different industries/sectors/domains, I can reach out and find relevant information. My diverse experiences help me to frame problems in multiple different ways, leading to richer search results
  4. Problem Solving – perhaps because I’ve built my own businesses under tight resource constraints, I can always find a way to keep moving things forward. I may not have a full path to the destination mapped out in advance, but I’ll always find a next step to take.
  5. Digital Tech – I’ve frequently implemented tech platforms to help with solving complex problems. Tech alone is never the fix, it’s important to have strong stakeholder buy-in to collaboratively shape the development of the tech solution
  6. Building Systems – I’m not afraid to step into chaos and start to build some order around it