2022 Review


Building on the tone of the previous two years, 2022 kicked off with a storm induced 7-day power outage that overlapped with having to quarantine at home thanks to a COVID exposure at day care. From there, the whole year felt like a blur of sicknesses and personal challenges. But on reflection there was quite a bit achieved along the way too. Key highlights include:


CONASTA Speaking Panel: Shape Your Future

Professional Development & Engagement 


  • Conducted 11 interviews for my PhD, exploring the careers of individuals concurrently working across industry, research and government
  • Working on recruiting more interview participants who are building a tri-sector career


  • Separated from my partner in April and a few weeks later ended up with a 3-day stint in hospital (in ICU) for a severe infection
  • The kids and I had what felt like 75 rounds of gastro, RSV and chest infections (plus a pancreatic cystic lesion and cranial nerve issue for me)
  • My youngest tripped over while walking with his Dad and smashed his front tooth out (requiring surgery under general anaesthetic)

While it hasn’t been the easiest year, I’m grateful to everyone who offered their support both professionally and personally. In particular, I’d like to thank Paddy Nixon, Michelle Fotheringham, and Andrew Cleary for helping me keep my career on track despite everything else going on. Looking forward to a much better 2023!