2015 Shared Value Leadership Summit Presentation NYC


As a manufacturer of non-toxic paint, creating social good has always been a by-product of how ecolour operates. The two key advantages we offer are:

  • Non-toxic: Normal paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the nasty toxins that can give you a headache and make your eyes burn when you walk into a freshly painted room. Ecolour has none of these toxins, meaning you can reoccupy painted spaces immediately without having to worry about the smell or any health impacts.
  • Carbon neutral: we take waste engine oil (collected in waste stations around the country) and turn it into paint. This waste oil would otherwise be used as a fuel and burnt (releasing masses of toxic fumes into the atmosphere), but Ecolour prevents this from happening. As a result, all our products are carbon neutral

Because our products are premium quality, available in any colour and cost the same as the major brands, using ecolour is a win-win all round. I’m very excited to be heading off to tell the ecolour story at the 2015 Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York on 12 – 13th May. The Summit will gather the world’s leading thinkers and doers of shared value to deliver the “how-to” of building a shared value strategy that see business profit while generating social good.

Participants will share strategies and roll up their sleeves to generate new business solutions to social issues, reimagining the role of business in society and the nature of competitive advantage. Ecolour is looking forward to being a part of this shared value leadership. You can follow the conversation on twitter too: @SVInitiative #SVLeaders