Zoe Retouched High Res-0016-cropZoe Piper operates at the intersection of policy, practice and research. With extensive networks across the three sectors, she excels at facilitating productive collaborations and connections.

Zoe’s expertise comes from a robust combination of solid practical experience and extensive professional qualifications. Key themes that run through Zoe’s work include: adaptability & resilience, connection & collaboration facilitation, future trends analysis, strategy, productivity & performance improvement, new business models (including social entrepreneurship, creating shared value & circular economy principles).

Working with Zoe

Advisor – As an consultant, Zoe works with individuals, organsations and policy makers, including the facilitation of collaborations and connections. She is also available for non-Executive Director and advisory appointments.
Investor – An active investor, Zoe seeks out investment opportunities where she can add value.
Analyst – With a strong interest in future trends & adaptability, Zoe is uniquely positioned to deliver insights based on her broad sector/industry experience.
Commentator – Zoe is able to deliver speaking engagements and written content on a range of topics.